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For Workplace Wellness

Wellness Council of America (WELCOA)

7 Benchmarks of Success in the Well Workplace Process

#1 Capturing CEO Support

#2 Creating Cohesive Wellness Teams

#3 Collecting Data to Drive Health Efforts

#4 Carefully Crafting an Operating Plan

#5 Choosing Appropriate Interventions

#6 Creating a Supportive Environment

#7 Carefully Evaluating Outcomes

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Well Workplace Resource Toolkits

The La Crosse Area Family YMCA has compiled numerous resources into these easy to use toolkits.  Feel free to use these links with your employees to help them create healthier behaviors, increase their physical activities, enrich their personal lives, manage stress levels and much more.

These toolkits is divided into four categories: Eat Well, Move More, Substance Free and Healthy Mind.


Worksite Wellness Network

The La Crosse Area's Worksite Wellness Network is a group of professionals who share a common goal of promoting health and wellness in the workplace.
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Contact Information

For additional workplace wellness information, contact Lee Walraven, Director of Healthy Living at or 608-519-9913.