The YMCA, Always Here For Our Community



Pledges raised for the Got Energy Triathlon directly benefit the Y's Annual Campaign providing financial assistance to

1 in 4 members, and funding many programs such as LIVESTRONG, The Community Teen Center, and Diabetes Prevention. 


Your gift can help people like Vern & Maggie Bjorkquist achieve healthier lifestyles.  


      Vern and Maggie Bjorkquist felt pleasantly surprised when realizing that they each dropped a full clothing size in six months as participants in the Y’s Diabetes Prevention Program.


      At that point, Maggie shed 30 pounds; Vern lost 25 pounds. The couple credits the program and its positive environment in the classroom setting. Overall, the year-long course helps people, according to their family history or their current health status, to reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes and access tools for healthier living.


      Admittedly set in his unhealthy patterns, Vern didn’t immediately agree to the Y program until Maggie offered to join him for support. Today they’re enjoying a happier and more wholesome life together. “The changes I have made started for my wife, and now I’m doing it for me,” he says. “It’s an improvement for both of us.”


      In their retirement years, Maggie and Vern agree that the Y Diabetes Prevention Program created a keen awareness of their food options. They’ve learned to read food labels, make new recipes, and track their daily diet and exercise.