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Maple Leaf 5K, 5 Mile & Half Marathon Course:



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Are there bathrooms on the course? What about in the Park?

Yes! There will be portable toilets at Mile 3.5, Mile 6.5 (half turnaround) and Mile 9.5 (mile 3 spot). There will also be portable toilets in Riverside Park. There will be NO restrooms along the 5-mile or 5K courses.


Is there a course cut-off for the half marathon?

Due to the start of the Oktoberfest Parade at 10am, the Century Foods Half Marathon has a course cut-off time of 2 hours and 45 minutes (9:45am). We will be removing course supplies, signs and volunteers at certain intervals to facilitate course clean-up and make room for the Parade.

See the half marathon page for more information regarding the course cut-off.


Is there a place for me to put my warm-up clothing and other gear? 

There will be a drop bag tent inside Riverside Park for participants to leave their belongings during the race. Labels will be available at packet pick-up. If you plan on using bag drop, write your bib number on the label and put the label on the bag. Participants MUST show their bib number to re-claim their bag. Anything left after the race will be brought to the La Crosse YMCA.


What does the Finish Line setup look like? Is there food and water there?

There will be 2 finish line chutes - one for the half marathon runners and the other for the 5 mile runners, 5K walkers and Kids Maple Mile. All half-marathon finishers will receive a finisher's medal. There will be food, water, and Gatorade at the finish line provided by Pepsi and Festival Foods.


How are the Awards given out? Where and at what time?

Overall and Age Group winners will be announced as Age Groups are filled and can collect their award near the fountain in Riverside Park. The 5 Mile awards will begin to be announced at 8:15am and the half marathon will begin announcing age group winners at 9:15am.


Where can I park? Is there parking in Riverside Park? 

There is NO parking in Riverside Park. There is parking available in the 3rd Street Parking Ramp which is 2 blocks from the start - parking is on a first come first served basis. Parking is also available at the Dahl Family YMCA at 1140 Main St. (approximately 3/4 mile from Riverside Park). Their are also other lots downtown with parking ramps available.


View downtown parking ramps

Directions from 2nd & Jay St Parking Ramp

Directions from La Crosse YMCA (1140 Main St)



Is there childcare available during the race?

Yes! The YMCA has FREE child care for you during the event. Please note that the location for the care is at the Dahl Family YMCA (La Crosse), located at 1140 Main Street. Doors will open at 6 am. There is a 3-hour limit for child watch during this time. Please plan accordingly. Available for newborns to 7-year-olds.

Where are the aid stations? At what miles can I expect water and Gatorade?

Aid Stations for the Marine Credit Union Half Marathon can be found at Mile 1.25, Mile 3,5 Mile 4.5, Mile 6.5, Mile 8.5, Mile 9.5 and Mile 11.5. Water and Gatorade will be at every aid station.

View the Maple Leaf Walk Run Course here


Are iPods and mp3 players allowed?

Yes, though we ask you to keep them to a moderate level for the safety of you and other participants. Certain parts of the course will be crowded so we ask that you are well aware of who is around you.


Is there anywhere to take a shower after the race?

Showers are available at the Dahl Family YMCA (1140 Main St, La Crosse) after the event. Please show your bib # for temporary access to the facility.


Where can I get an Oktoberfest button?

We are no longer able to include Oktoberfest buttons with your registration. Please see the Oktoberfest website on how to obtain a button.

Are dogs allowed on the course?

No, they are not. Dogs can present a safety risk to runners and walkers who are allergic or afraid of dogs. Though dogs are great companion animals, with 2,000+ participants on the course, it is for the safety of the participants that we cannot allow them.