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Half Marathon Training Group


Nervous about completing your first half marathon? Looking for a group of like-minded individuals to train together? Join the Half Marathon Training Group hosted by Grand Bluff Training!



Program Details:

Meet three days a week with dedicated instructors who are there to help you reach your goals. Each week will consist of two shorter runs and one long run, building mileage as we go. Participants should expect to do a little extra training on their own to be fully prepared for the half marathon. 

The goal of the Half Marathon Training Group is to help you feel more comfortable with running 13.1 miles. Coaches will help participants work from jogging a few miles to running the Marine Credit Unions Half Marathon on September 29th. The training will feature a four-part seminar series with a focus on Good Form Running, Injury Prevention and Recovery, Nutrition, and Self Defense for Runner

Included in the program fee is a 12-week training program, 3 weekly runs with the group and a sweet In-Training Group t-shirt.


Recommended Base Mileage:

It is recommended that you are able to comfortably complete a 5K (3.1 miles) before starting this program. Having a base of 3-4 miles will allow you to increase your mileage in a safe manner.


How to sign up/Program Cost:

Cost is $75 per person for the Half marathon "In-Training" class. All information can be found on their website at or just click on the link and follow the instructions:



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