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Half Marathon




Challenge yourself to a half marathon this fall. The course

is flat, fast and full of support and cheering along the Oktoberfest Parade route.


Start time:

The half marathon begins at 7:00 am.



The race starts and finishes at Riverside Park near the water fountain. - Course Map

Half Marathon Course Certification



Registration Fees:

Date             Half                          
1/1-3/31 $50.00  
4/1-6/30 $55.00  
7/1-9/13 $60.00











Course cut-off:

Due to the start of the Oktoberfest Parade at 10 m, the half marathon has a course cut-off time of 2 hours and 45 minutes (9:45 am). We will be removing course supplies, signs and volunteers at certain intervals to facilitate course clean-up and make room for the Parade.
To help you in completing your half marathon, we suggest for you to be at the following miles at these times in order for you to finish before 9:45 am (12:35/mile pace).
8:22 am - Half Turnaround
9:15 am - Mile 11, Clinton/Copeland Intersection
9:45 am - Finish in Riverside Park
We will have a team of cyclists ready to assist and support those who are finishing towards the end of the cut-off.
At 9:15 am we will begin removing water stations, signs and volunteers. If you choose to continue running after the cut-off times, you will be doing so on an unsupported course, sharing Copeland Ave with the Parade. As a safety concern, we do not suggest anyone attempting to finish after the cut-off time.
Thank you for your understanding of this unique situation.

Cancellation Policy: 

Due to the large amount of advanced preparation that goes into the event, we cannot refund any athletes registration. If you are not able to attend the event, your registration will go to pay for the supplies and the proceeds will be given to the Annual Campaign.