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Community Fitness


Get Fit and Have Fun!

Our certified fitness instructors are dedicated to providing a safe and positive exercise opportunities for all fitness levels. We strive to build strong relationships in a supportive and fun environment, knowing this experience will make a meaningful impact on the well-being of our community!

We are able to provide this benefit to businesses with or without designated spaces for exercising. Regardless of the type of space, participants are thankful for the "Y" coming to them to encourage them to be physically active! Here is a testimonial from a class participant at one of our community sites:

"The instructors are great and adapt to the class participants - whether we are beginners or advanced exercisers, they challenge us where we are at. The convenience of having classes at our work is fantastic. I have geared my fitness routine around these classes - they have truly helped my life in a big way. I am stronger, fitter, leaner, more energetic, and more productive during the work day!"

Interested in offering classes at your location? Here are some examples what we can offer you!  

Pilates: This class focusus on strengthening and lengthening the body with an emphasis on the core muscle groups. You will gain control of movement and increase core strength with the majority of the class completed on the mat. All levels are welcome!

Cardio Kickboxing: Kick, punch, and jab your way to a great workout! Develop new skills and build a strong core through kicking exercises and boxing-style punching drills while improving your overall fitness. All levels are welcome!

Zumba®:Take the "work" out of workout and dance your way to a gret cardio workout. Zumba® will energize you with Latin Dance based routines combining fast and slow rhythms that provide a interval training format for toning and sculpting the body. No dance experience required. All levels are welcome!

Fit 101: This class caters to those new to group fitness classes by providing a low-impact workout that focuses on building cardiovascular endurance, muscle conditioning, balance, and flexibility. All levels are welcome!

Total Body Conditioning (TBC): TBC is a head to toe muscle conditioning workout using only body weight! Elevate your heart rate by combining cardiovascular and muscular endurance exercises. All levels are welcome!

Vinysasa Flow Yoga: Flow through this traditional Vinyasa yoga class where each movement is synchroznied with breath. This class includes traditional asanas (poses) and sequences: sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, backbends, and more. All levels are welcome!


Are you interested in bringing a fitness class to your workplace? Contact Kylie Formanek, Dahl Family YMCA Fitness Director, for more information. or 608-519-5474