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Strength, Agility, Power, Speed




 No matter what sport you play, powerful speed and agility will give you the winning edge.

Strength, Agility, Power, Speed

The Acceleration’s program design is based on functional training to help improve the athletes’
strength, agility, power, and speed. The key to success
Vert_2_Small.jpg is to select exercises that will maximize the transfer of training effect to ensure what the athlete does in the gym impacts directly on performance. The Acceleration program focuses on developing strength, agility, power, and speed with the intent of improving sport skills. 


Sports Training for Youth

Strength is a foundational attribute for improving athletic performance. Speed, agility, flexibility, mobility, power and explosiveness are all aspects of athleticism that can be significantly improved by increases in strength. The Squat_throws_small.jpgcombination of strength and skill will help the youth athlete reach their maximum potential. 

In addition to enhancing muscular strength and local muscular endurance, regular participation in a youth resistance training program has the potential to influence several other aspects of health and fitness. These potential benefits include:

• Improve motor performance skills

• Increase resistance to injury

• Enhance mental health and well-being

• Stimulate a more positive attitude towards lifetime physical activity


Nationally Accredited Trainers

Two of our motivated trainers will push the athletes to the limit through power and strength programs, plyometrics, and then when they just about had enough we also add in speed and agility drills.  Through personal attention and expert advice, a trainer designs a progressive plan to help the athlete achieve maximum results and avoid injury. Throughout the program the athletes will be able to experience a variety of training to promote powerful athletic movements, including Olympic weight training, Kettlebells, and SandBells.   


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