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Pioneering Healthier Communities


Mission Statement:
Pioneering Healthier Communities is the spark that creates change to support healthy living.

Vision Statement:
Make the healthy choice the easy choice.

Overall Strategy:
Pioneering Healthier Communities will create and sustain a collaborative environment that promotes and supports eating well and moving more.

About Us:
Pioneering Healthier Communities (PHC) is an initiative that was launched by the YMCA of the USA in 2004 in response to the rising chronic disease rates from risk factors such as physical inactivity and unhealthy eating.

YMCAs are uniquely positioned to help lead this national effort to address chronic disease, in part because of their steadfast commitment to building healthy spirit, mind and body for all. In addition, YMCAs have the capacity to bring together the right people and resources to facilitate change.

"People will change their behavior to reflect their environments. If you want healthier people, create healthier environments."
-Tom Golaszewski, a nationally recognized educator.

For more information about Pioneering Healthier Communities, please contact Jill Miller at or 608-519-5510.