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Cleary Family

Wellness Center

La Crosse Branch


Cardio Equipment

We offer a variety of the latest equipment so you can choose the equipment that's right for you.  All of the equipment can be modified to your desired intensity by changing either resistance, incline, or speed. Our cardio equipment includes:


- Treadmills- Ellipticals

- Upright Bikes

- Cycling Bikes

- Recumbent Bikes

- AMTs  - Climbmills

- Rowing Machines

- Stair Steppers

- Sci-Fit One Step

- Sci-Fit Pro 2 (Arm Bike) 

Strength Equipment

Regardless of your level of fitness, we have the equipment to help you enhance your flexibility, balance, and overall muscle strength. Our strength equipment includes:


- BarbellsPicture3.png

- Dumbbells (2 lbs-120 lbs)

- Kettlebells

- Benches

  * Incline

  * Decline

  * Flat

  * Preacher 

- Squat Racks

- Smith Machine

- Cable Crossover Machine

- Glute-Ham Developer

- Plated Leg Press

- Seated Calf Machine

- Suspension Trainers

- Resistance Bands

- Medicine Balls

- Slam Balls

- Stability Balls


Selectorized Weight Equipment

Matrix weight machines are selectorized machines that cover both major and minor muscle groups. These pin-selected machines use a weight stack and are designed to strengthen a particular muscle group using a specific movement.