Wellness Center Orientations

We understand that exercise equipment can be overwhelming.  Maybe this sounds familiar to you? “Where does this pin go?  How do I start this thing?”  In the Wellness Center we believe that with some caring and careful attention to your
needs, we can provide you with a positive exercise experience.  The Wellness Center currently offers 3 different orientations to help you get started on a safe and efficient exercise program.  We strongly recommend that all new members take
advantage of this free service we provide.  If you have already taken one of the orietations but you need a little refresher, please stop and ask a friendly Wellness Center attendant to sign you up.


Please stop and ask a Wellness Center attendant next time you are in or call us! La Crosse (608-782-9622 ext 244) or North (608-782-9622 ext 141)


1.  Healthy Heart (Cardio): This is our cardiovascular orientation designed to help you improve your quality of    life.  We will educate you about the exercise recommendations
including frequency, intensity, time, and type in order to help you succeed in your goals.




2.   Strong Muscles and Bones (Weight Machines): This strength training orientation is designed to help you improve muscular srength and endurance, posture, bone health, and body composition.
It will cover basic strength training principles and proper form and technique. Our staff will take you through our Cybex weight machines for a full body workout.




3.   Functional Fitness (Free Weights): This orientation is designed to progress you into the free weight area of our Wellness Center.  Free weight exercises assist in developing balance,
coordination, and the movements of everyday life.