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New to group fitness classes or new to the Y? Join us for an Intro Class to learn the basics and participate in a sample class.

Not able to attend any of the Intro Classes? No worries! Show up 5-10 minutes early for a class. The instructor will walk you through equipment and provide a class overview.

Classes offered January 5 – 27


  • January 5: Intro to Interval Zone, 4:15-5pm (Houser Y)
  • January 6: Intro to Group Strength, 10:15-11am (Dahl Y)
  • January 12: Intro to Chair Yoga, 10:15-11am (Houser Y)
  • Intro to Cycle, 4:15-5pm (Houser Y)
  • Intro to Zumba, 4:30-5:05pm (Houser Y)
  • Intro to Yoga Flow, 6:15-7pm (Dahl Y)
  • January 13: Intro to Interval Zone, 10:15-11am (Dahl Y)
  • Intro to Chair Yoga, 11:15am-12pm (Dahl Y)
  • January 17: Intro to Cycle, 4:15-5pm (Dahl Y)
  • January 19: Intro to Group Strength, 4:15-5pm (Houser Y)
  • January 20: Intro to Barre Blend, 10:15-11am (Dahl Y)
  • Intro to Tai Chi, 11:15am-12pm (Dahl Y)
  • January 26: Intro to Yoga Flow, 4:15-5pm (Houser Y)
  • January 27: Intro to Cardio Kickboxing, 10:15-11am (Dahl)