The YMCA offers an annual tournament to those who are interested in competing against other students of similar age and rank. The tournament is a fun, relaxed event and is perfect for first-time tournament participants. Proceeds benefit the YMCA Annual Campaign.

Tournament participants will submit video recordings of themselves performing either a form or weapons form. A panel of judges will evaluate the submissions and awards will be announced in mid-March. See below for details.


Video submissions will be accepted February 22nd – March 5th.


5 Years – Adult


Laura Drake, Arts & Humanities Director, 608-519-5513


$25 through February 21st, 2021

$30 after February 22nd – March 5th, 2021

Please be sure to answer all of the required questions (rank, school, height, weight, events, etc.).

Video Submission Guidelines

Submission Period: Monday, February 22nd – Friday, March 5th

A direct link to a drop box will be sent to all registered participants at the start of the submission period.

Competitors should submit one video for each event they are competing in. Only the competitor (one individual) should be in view of the camera – please no group submissions. Appropriate, full uniforms are required to be worn.

  • Introduction: At the beginning of your video, please state “La Crosse YMCA Martial Arts Tournament” and then go into your normal judges’ intro (name, school, and form).
  • Videos should not exceed 2 minutes in length, starting from the introduction to the end of the form/weapons form.
  • Videos should be free of background noise (i.e. others talking, music, etc.)
  • Camera should be stationary (a tripod is recommended) and the whole body should be in view the entire time from feet to top of head.
  • No editing of any kind should be done to the video.
  • Submitted videos are final and will be the video judged.
  • The video(s) submitted must be new recordings for the YMCA tournament. Please do not submit a recording from a previous tournament or event.