The YMCA, Ensuring a Brighter Future

Sue Blanchar

Super Friendly Ambassador For YMCA Exercise Classes

Enthusiasm seems to surround her, as Sue Blanchar shares that she's a newer member of the Y. She's so excited about the great diversity of programs offered here that she's like a recruiter for the organization. She'll talk to everyone she meets about the latest class she's tried out. 


"The classes and benefits with a Y membership amaze me," says Sue with a natural excitement in her voice. "I'm always wondering why more members aren't taking advantage of the variety here."


She puts her thoughts into action: telling members about the recent class she's tested out and encouraging others to give it a shot too. She sees many people getting stuck in a rut, such as only going to group cycling or strength training classes. She's a rock star at sampling the array of offerings the Y has to support her pursuit of health and well-being.


At one time, Sue stuck mainly with water exercises, and she participated in fitness programs through other community organizations. The beautiful pool and the Diabetes Prevention Program brought her to the Y. She participated in the 16-week diabetes prevention course, and she experienced excellent results. Currently, she meets weekly with other participants from the class for the support group. As part of the prevention program, a free membership is offered. She took advantage of it with open arms.


At the Y, she began with doing water exercises and working out in the Wellness Center. Next, she was curious about Zumba, and found she absolutely loves it. She's also a fan of yoga, Pilates and step classes. She likes each class for many reasons that she'll gladly share with others. Pilates, for example, works every single one of your muscles to strengthen and lengthen your body, while yoga offers stretching and relaxing time. Zumba and step class are fun aerobic exercises. 


Sue, age 58, enjoys going to the Y almost every day. She likes meeting people of all ages that work out at the Y. She considers that another benefit - to exercise with members of different ages and abilities. There's no need for anyone to feel intimidated. She's often at the Y for several hours each day, venturing into new classes and connecting with people. 


She has the natural enthusiasm of a kindergarten teacher. And that's for a good reason. She taught kindergarten for 36 years before recently retiring. "My new part-time job is going to the Y," she says with her infectious laugh. 


With her positive attitude and friendly personality, Sue is an ambassador for Y members - new and old - who may be feeling ambivalent about participating in classes or shy about stepping into a fresh program. She is awesome to talk to about classes at the Y. Just ask her and she'll be glad to encourage you and to help you out. Don't be surprised if she even attends a class with you!


- By Kim Seidel, Seidel Ink LLC. 2012