The YMCA, Ensuring a Brighter Future

Jeff & Deb Koby

Supporting a Space for Everyone


With YMCA memberships for over 35 and 45 years respectively, Deb and Jeff Koby are creating a lifetime of fitness both in body and mind. The couple have been workout buddies, coaches, class participants, and volunteers throughout their many years at the local YMCA. In fact, one might call them YMCA superfans. There’s little Deb and Jeff haven’t tried.


“I love our Y because of the caring staff, the incredible people I’ve met, and the GREAT new equipment and wellness center,” says Jeff. “I love the fact that because of the Y, my mom got to do water aerobics which kept her alive longer. My grandkids have played basketball and learned karate. My wife learned how to swim, which taught her to not fear the water. Mostly I like the Y because it helped me spend more time with my family, make new friends and enabled me to help coach children in sports and in life. I feel as though I’m giving back to the community I love.”


Taking yoga and step aerobics, both Jeff and Deb find motivation in the YMCA group classes. “I think you push yourself harder when there are more people around,” says Jeff. Deb likes that, “Not everyone is at the same level and the age of participants varies.”


The couple also enjoys the newly redone wellness center. “It has great new equipment, lots of windows, and TVs everywhere,” says Jeff. “Even with all the New Year’s resolutions and increased membership,” Deb adds, “it wasn’t hard to get a machine. Plus, the staff is always so helpful and pleasant.”


In addition to exercising their bodies, both Deb and Jeff exercise their mind and spirit by giving back to their community as well, and have been volunteers for the past five years. Jeff has coached youth basketball, and they both assist with the YMCA’s annual campaign and Rockin’ the Docks.


“I never realized how much the Y does for our community until volunteering for the Annual Campaign,” says Deb, “and seeing all the people it has helped and continues to help right here in our area really makes me proud to be part on such and organization.” 


“The annual campaign provides so many opportunities for young, old, sick and healthy people that couldn’t afford to participate in those opportunities otherwise,” shares Jeff. “In all the different areas that the Y helps people like cancer survivors, or youth in so many different sports, everyone means something to the Y. I personally know the Y has helped a family who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to be a member, and cancer survivors that maybe without the program would have had a much harder time getting back to a more active life. The annual campaign is important because the more given, the more people in our community can be helped.”


The Koby’s truly see the YMCA as a special place for all ages, and witness its benefits daily. “The Y gives teens someplace to go and something to do. The Y teaches children how to swim, play sports, learn the importance of teamwork and gives them values,” shares Deb. “The Y helps in the recovery of cancer survivors. The Y helps the elderly stay active and social. The Y helps children with special needs with the field of dreams, swimming, and personal training. The Y provides child care and meals. I feel the Y has helped so many people and I truly believe in everything the Y does. It gives me great pleasure to be part of the Y organization and family.”  


Jess Witkins, writer and producer, Witkins Productions LLC