The YMCA, Ensuring a Brighter Future

Tony & Marina Toledo



Tony and Marina Toledo are active retirees and both members of the Y. In fall of 2016, a visit to Tony’s doctor prompted them to make life changes in their diet and exercise plan.


 “My doctor had noticed that my blood sugar had been going up for a few years,” Tony shares. “There were various options including medication, but he suggested the diabetes prevention program at the YMCA.”


 Tony and Marina enrolled in the one-year diabetes prevention program at the YMCA.      “The part of exercise wasn’t the problem because I had always exercised, but in the diabetes prevention program we learned about how to read labels, checking for things like low fat and sugar,” says Tony.


“The program was an eye-opener for me,” adds Marina, “because it helped me learn to eat healthier. Since finishing the program I have been watching the amount of fat I eat every day.” 


“The YMCA really opened a new perspective on eating for me,” says Tony, “and it’s been a big positive experience for Marina and me. We’ve started to cook better, we avoid not so nutritious foods, and we see the benefits.”


Marina dedicates at least 30 minutes every day to physical activity. “I go to the Y with a close group of friends almost every day. As far as recommending the program to others, I have been doing that to friends and family. I know that it works.”


 Tony has seen improvements with his doctor visits too. His lipid profile has shown decreased levels of cholesterol and blood sugar.


“If I had decided this on my own,” he says, “I think it would’ve been more difficult, but being in a program, being accountable to someone helps, and now keeping it for life is what I’m working on.”


Jess Witkins, writer and producer, Witkins Productions LLC