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Making Exercise Fun with Group Fitness

I joined the YMCA in 2010 to help fight my diagnosis of Metabolic Syndrome, and since then it has been incredible to have such a great place to take my family and myself. I started at the Y with using the elliptical in the Wellness Center and doing some basic weightlifting. Shortly after that in 2011, I began having major back problems and I could only participate in swimming activities, as well as, walking on the treadmill to participate in the Indoor Ironman. By the end of 2015, I was well enough again to begin trying some group fitness classes, and that is when my fitness went to a whole new level.


Since then, I have enjoyed Body Blast, Tabata Interval, Group Strength Training and Group Cycling. These classes, plus gaining an education and being disciplined with my nutrition and nutritional supplements has, over the past six years, contributed to getting my weight under control and maintained. Also, being a part of the YMCA has contributed to me ridding of my Metabolic Syndrome which is so important.


But what I feel is even better, is the improvement in the quality of my life because of living a healthy, active lifestyle. I have the energy to thrive at home as a devoted wife and mother, at work, and in my relationships. Taking care of myself has allowed me to do everything better than I was doing it before. I contribute so much of my success to the wonderful Fitness Instructors at the Y and the friends I have made along the way who pushed me to be better.



Coach Justin

"I would like to thank each parent for their commitment in getting their child to practice and games over the past 3 months.  What has been the most rewarding for me this season is to not only see the growth of each child's basketball skill set but their confidence level.  We definitely had several kids on this team that were very reserved and shy at the beginning of the season.  I can assure you that many of these kids are now more confident, vocal with their thoughts and concerns, and enjoying being part of a team.  The team throughout the year was extremely supportive of each other and genuinely wished that each player would succeed despite different levels of skill.

The one thing I always tell parents is to never underestimate what can be achieved by your child. 

"All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them"  Magic Johnson

Take care

Coach Justin