No Boundaries Camp

The Inclusion and Adaptive Department is excited to announce the first ever No Boundaries Camp coming this June 2021! 

Camp is a summertime staple, a place where abilities are discovered, independence tested, lifelong friendships born and cherished memories made. Sometimes for children and adults with disabilities, and their parents or caregivers, finding a fully accessible, adequately staffed camp can be difficult.

Our accessible and barrier-free No Boundaries Camp offers activities ranging from sports and fitness, aquatics, music, arts and crafts, gymnastics, daily-living skills, and so much more. Here at the Y, we recognize and celebrate the individual strengths, skills, and abilities that each of our participants and members share with us. We look forward to seeing you at camp!

Pre-Screening Enrollment Form - Open through May 7th

The purpose of the form is to provide the Recreation Therapist, Inclusion Camp Counselors, and volunteers with information for participant’s safety, and overall needs to ensure that your participant has the best experience at camp!

Our team wants to be honest and forthcoming about our own expertise and knowledge of supporting your participant’s needs. We want this camp to be available to all needs and disabilities. In order to provide high quality, outcomes-based programming for your participant please complete the pre-screening enrollment form below. Please note that completing this form does NOT confirm your participant’s registration into camp. Please allow 3-4 weeks from submission of the form for you to be notified via email of either your participant’s “registered” or “waitlist” status to attend camp.

The form will close on Friday, May 7th. If you need another format of the form, please contact Bri Spicer.

Registration Process

  1. Complete the Pre-Screening Enrollment Form by May 7th. 
  2. Allow for 3-4 weeks after you have submitted your form to receive a confirmation email notifying you of your participant’s “registered” or “waitlist” status
  3. Pre-Screening Enrollment Forms will be evaluated chronologically – we recommend that you complete the form as soon as possible due to limited spots
  4. If you receive a confirmation email stating your participant is “registered” for camp. Please complete the additional forms included in that email. Your participant will be officially registered for camp once ALL required paperwork is received. 
  5. If you received an email saying your participant is “waitlisted.” It means that your participant is currently unable to register for camp. If a spot becomes available you will be notified immediately. 

Questions? Contact Bri Spicer: