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Action TrackChair

Now introducing the Action TrackChair! This motorized wheelchair allows for control and mobility on all types of terrain and through all kinds of weather. The adult-sized chair has the unique ability to tilt forward and back, turn on its own axis, and allow for both rider control as well as second party control. Our Action TrackChair has removable tackle box and an attached stabilization stand for resting a gun on your hunting trip or a fishing pole down by the river. It also has its own trailer for easy transport to any destination and can be fitted with a child seat for accessibility to smaller individuals.

The Action TrackChair program is made possible by the generous support of Wings Over Wisconsin and is free of charge.

To reserve our Action TrackChair, contact:
Jessi Van Ryzin
Inclusion Specialist
(P) 608-519-5516

Action TrackChair