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Special Events

Special EventsWhen our neighbors sign up for special events at the Y, they can do so knowing that we encourage them to discover what they can achieve. We provide a sense of belonging, support, and motivation to get participants ready for event day and on their way to an active life.

Take the story of Deborah Nerud. Three years ago, Deborah would have described herself as a non-runner and someone not into sports. However, after becoming part of the YMCA Couch to 5K program and running in the Maple Leaf, Deborah is now committed to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Like Deborah, we hope to impact over 7,500 children, adults and families by motivating them to participate in our Special Events. This is why we offer 5K walks, 5 mile runs, children’s runs, kids triathlons, adult triathlons, inspiration dinners, concerts and more.

Special Events Programs