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Teen Center

TeensThe YMCA Community Teen Center is a safe, tobacco, alcohol, and drug-free drop-in center for teens in the 8th-12th grades.

Teen Center Programs

Adulting 201
Adulting 201 is a group for adults ages 18-24 and meets at the Main YMCA. This program focuses on professional development along with developing personal life skills. Career, finances, nutrition, wellness, relationship building are a few of the topics covered in Adulting 201. No registration required. Free. Join Anytime.

Girls' Group
Girls' Group is a program for teenage females 8th-12th grade that creates a safe place for conversation, building relationships and expressing thoughts. This is a group that encourages personal development, emotional management, relationship development, and more. Girls' Group meets every Monday at 4:30pm-5:15pm. No registration required. Free! Join anytime.

Just Breathe
Just Breathe is a program for teens 8th-12th grade that focuses on being in the moment. Just Breathe helps teens learn useful strategies and tools for handling stress, building resiliency, calming skills, and working through difficult emotions. This program meets every Wednesday 4:30pm-5:15pm. No registration required. Free. Join Anytime!

Monthly Teen Discussionary
This is a monthly meeting for all teens. Teens are welcome to join the monthly Teen Discussionary to talk about the happenings of the Teen Center including programming, events, workshops, etc. This is a safe space for teens to talk about their opinions and give input to the Teen Center and develop ways to implement their new ideas. Email Sarah Jackson for more information at

New Moves
New Moves is an evidence-based program that focuses on healthy eating, physical activity and social support designed to meet the needs of sedentary adolescent girls. New Moves has three core components: a physical education class that includes activities the young women will be able to integrate into their lives, lessons on positive self-image and healthy eating, social support via lunch get-togethers, and individual motivational sessions which focus on maintaining positive behavioral changes. The program strives to provide a supportive atmosphere where all girls feel comfortable with being physically active and discussing health-related issues regardless of their size, shape or current level of physical activity. The philosophy underlying New Moves is that if adolescent girls feel good about themselves, they will want to take care of their bodies through healthy eating and physical activity. Registration is full for 2018 summer - please call Sarah Johnson at 784-8490 for more information for 2019 summer.

Teen Center
Available FREE to any teen in 8th-12th grades. The YMCA Community Teen Center is a safe, tobacco, alcohol, and drug-free drop-in center for teens in the 8th-12th grades. The Center offers free activities that are engaging, attractive to young people and make use of their talents, energy, and creativity. The Center offers skill-building and recreational opportunities and is staffed by positive, caring adults who are trained to work with adolescents. Stop by to be a part of it!