I need to report information about my child’s requirement to quarantine or isolate due to COVID-19 exposure

If you are currently registered for School Age Care that you are not able to utilize due to COVID-19 quarantine or isolation requirements – you must immediately report specific information to the School Age Program in order to be billed properly for your childcare.

Information to Report:

  • Child(ren)s full name (each child affected by quarantine/isolation requirement)
  • School Age Care location(s) they attend
  • Exact date the child(ren) was informed of the need to quarantine and/or isolate (information provided by individual who tested positive for COVID-19, a contact tracer, or a medical professional)
  • Last date of quarantine/isolation required based on exposure see flowchart.

In order to ensure your monthly fee is adjusted correctly, email your School Age Director with the following information as soon as you are made aware of your required quarantine or isolation due to exposure to COVID-19. Include all of the  following information.

Families required to quarantine or isolate for any amount of time due to COVID-19 exposure must provide the following information to their School Age Care Director immediately via email. Information on quarantine or isolation received prior to the 20th of the current month will be reflected on current billing (information of quarantine or isolation that is received after the 20th may need to be applied to the upcoming month). Information of a quarantine or isolation received after the time period that the child(ren) were not allowed to attend care will not be applied to discount the cost of care; School Age Care Directors must receive email during the first week of quarantine or isolation.

School Age Care billing cost adjustments and cancellation policies effective Nov. 1, 2020: