Fused Glass (Houser)

Crafting Connections
Date and Time

Crafting Connections has partnered with All Glazed Up, a local art studio that encourages people to unleash their creativity. This session is designed for grandparents and grandchildren to explore the art of glass fusing. This safe and fun process involves fusing with an end product that resembles stained glass. No prior experience is needed. Ages 5+. For any questions, reach out to Anna Drees at [email protected].


Crafting Connections is a pop-up art program for grandparents and grandchildren designed to bring generations together and create lasting memories. Each activity is carefully designed to encourage collaboration among different generations, allowing them to create art collaboratively. Let's embark on this inspiring journey together and create a future brimming with enjoyment, imagination, and collective happiness through painting, melting, sculpting, and more.

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Anna Drees