Inclusive and Adaptive Programming at the Y

The La Crosse Area Family Y is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching our community by promoting physical, mental and spiritual well-being for all.

We believe in everyone regardless of ability level, that is why Inclusive and Adaptive programs exist here at the Y. Every individual deserves the opportunity to grow and thrive. We are driven to provide that opportunity for children and adults with disabilities.

Qualified volunteers and staff are trained to support and encourage each participant in these adaptive programs. We focus on participant’s needs, and adapting the activities to ensure that everyone feels included.

Participant Care Form

Participants registered for Inclusion and Adaptive Programs are required to complete the Participant Care Form before the start of their registered program. Please click here to fill out the form.

Questions? Contact Us

Use this form to inquire about volunteering.

Volunteer Testimonials

"Volunteering with the Inclusion & Adaptive Department has been the most memorable experience. I kept coming back to volunteer and eventually I took on the role of Inclusion Coach leading and supporting all of our participants!"
Inclusion Volunteer
"My favorite part of volunteering is seeing the smiles on everyone's faces and having the opportunity to build relationships with each participant and support them in their goals."
Inclusion Volunteer