Warm Pool Details:

  • Free with your membership.
  • No sign-up, just check the schedule below.
  • To get it, come through the lockers, behind the slide and through the glass door.
  • Currently available for Open Exercise and Family Swim.

Open Exercise:

Adult Individual Exercise is for adults only. Water weights are available for use during this time.

Gentle Water Movement:

This is a low-impact and low-intensity class that is held in our Warm Pool at the Houser Y (in Onalaska). The class incorporates gentle exercises that focus on range of motion, balance, and stretching. Participants who might be a good fit for this class include those with physical limitations, arthritis, chronic pain, etc. Registration is required.

Family Swim:

Family Swim is for children 6 years of age and under only with a parent or guardian. If the parent/guardian has more than one child with them, the other child(ren) must have a lifejacket, puddlejumper or non-inflatable flotation device on them. Parent/guardian must be within arms reach of their child. No jumping allowed.