A Celebration of Philanthropy at the La Crosse Area Family Y

GOAL: RAISE $140,000


One in four youth participate in Y programming with the support of the Y’s financial assistance program. Y Giving Day will provide programming opportunities for 350 youth who would otherwise be unable to participate. Programs include swimming lessons, dance, karate, music, e-sports, gymnastics, basketball, soccer, kickball, logrolling and more! 

Project goal: $15,000

Provide youth mental health first-aid training to youth serving staff at the Y and beyond, support the growth of the Y’s newly created mental health “coach cards” which will be provided to coaches at local school districts. Purchase items for calming corners and the Little Spot series for each of our 15 school-age care sites.

Project goal: $10,000

The beloved Dahl Y gym is in need of some upgrades. On Giving Day, we aim to raise funds to replace the well-loved and worn-out curtain, and replace the rims on the basketball hoops.

Project goal: $25,000

We will raise funds to support Food Access Work at the Y. The Y is on track to serve well over 200,000 meals and snacks to kids and families in our community in 2023. This project will sustain and expand the Y’s Food Access Program, including the Youth Food Program, Y on the Fly, and the Mobile Market Food Pantry.

Project goal: $30,000

On Y Giving Day, we will provide operational support to the Adaptive and Inclusive Program at the Y, providing access to adaptive recreation and programming to anyone in our community who wishes to participate. Funds will be used to offset the growing costs of staffing, equipment and supplies.

Project goal: $15,000

The Y’s four Community Health Workers assist an average of 60 families at any given time who are experiencing homelessness. A partnership with local school districts and the Great Rivers United Way Hub, our Community Health Workers help families access employment, education, housing, healthcare, food and basic necessities so their children can attend and find success in school. On Y Giving Day we will raise funds to support these families as they work hard to get back on their feet.

Project goal: $15,000

As the Community Youth Center continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of our area’s youth, we will raise funds to install and operate a Youth Clothes Closet with clothing, jackets and hygiene items for our youth. Additionally, there is a washer and dryer in the Youth Center which is frequently utilized by both youth and clients served the Y’s Community Health Workers. This project will also allow for the purchase and installation of two stacking washer/dryer units for increased access to clean clothing in our community.

Project goal: $20,000

YOUTHSTRONG at the Y provides youth cancer survivors with opportunities to regain their strength, have fun in Y programming, and enjoy time with their families. Survivors choose between 24 personal training sessions or unlimited youth programming for year. In addition, the family of the survivor receives a one year membership so they can enjoy family time and refocus on wellness together. This program is provided free of charge and is funded 100% by philanthropy. Together we can ensure that ALL youth cancer survivors in our region have access YOUTHSTRONG.

Project goal: $10,000

The Wave Swim Team is a cherished legacy program at the La Crosse Area Family Y. Along with the physical and athletic challenge that comes with joining the Wave Swim Team, generations of participants have found friendships, family and fun through the program. This Y Giving Day project will secure funding to offset the operational costs of the Wave Swim Team not funded through participant dues, ensuring the financial health of the swim team and also providing funds for team supplies and travel expenses for participants.

Project goal: $15,000

Giving Day can only be successful with your help.

We are looking for Y Giving Day Ambassadors to volunteer to share the Y Giving Day Campaign with their friends and family, and to spread awareness of our Y projects within the community.


Last October 25th and 26th, the Y held its first-ever Y Giving Day, a celebration of philanthropy raising important funds for nine YMCA Initiatives. In 36 hours, our Y received 435 donations for a total of $100,111. Thank you for making so much possible with your support of Y Giving Day! We are pleased to provide you with updates on each of the nine projects.