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Giving Day offers 9 exciting projects which enrich the lives of our community members and directly impact our programs. Choose your favorite project to support, through becoming a Y Giving Day Ambassador OR by making a gift to that project.

When you get involved on Y Giving Day, through making a gift and sharing the campaign, you will make our community stronger. 

Join us as a Y Giving Day Ambassador, which is a simple way to make an huge impact. We’ll have a user-friendly giving platform and all the tools you need to easily share the campaign with your network.

Y Giving Day highlights many wonderful Y programs. It aims to build awareness of philanthropy in action at the Y, and to secure much needed funding. We have a lofty goal: Raise $80,000 in 36 hours.


We will be raising funds to replace old and worn-out gymnastics equipment. Items needed are: New Bars- $1,500, New Spring Board – $700 and new Vault System – $3,000. 

Project goal: $5,200

We will be raising funds for new supplies, work-tables and storage for the art studio in the Community Youth Center. This will allow for better creative exploration and immersion, and more structure within the program. 

Project goal: $7,000

Our Community Food Forest is in need of upgrades to allow for greater accessibility. With this project, we aim to raise funds to build accessible raised beds in the Food Forest.

Project goal: $6,000

Our Community Health Workers help families experiencing homelessness within the community. There are some circumstances when available resources don’t fully meet the needs of a client. We will raise funds for our Community Health Workers so they can best meet the emergency needs of their clients. 

Project goal: $5,000

The piano used for music lessons is decades old and is in dire need of replacement. In addition, many young people lack access to adequate keyboards or pianos for practice at home. We will raise funds for a new piano and a bank of keyboards for students to “check out” while in music lessons. 

Project goal: $6,500

When the Y reopened its doors after the Covid shutdown, our senior members were among the first to come back to the Y. Each day, our active older adults exercise and enjoy socializing with each other in our lobbies. To ensure more seniors have access to our wonderful community, we will sponsor 10 annual senior memberships.

Project goal: $4,560

A New Direction is the Y’s Youth Cancer Survivorship Program. Youth at any stage in their cancer journey are eligible to join us and receive either 24 personal training sessions or unlimited youth programming. We also include a complimentary one-year family membership, so parents and siblings have access to improved wellness. We will sponsor 10 children and their families.

Project goal: $12,000

Our Youth Food Program will be seeking funds to stock the Mobile Food Pantry and provide for funds for the eventual replacement of refrigerators at our School-Aged Care sites.

Project goal: $10,000

We rely on donations from members and friends to ensure that everyone in our community has access to the health, wellness and recreation opportunities available at our Y. This program also applies to childcare, school-aged care, and youth programming. 

Project goal: $25,000

Giving Day can only be successful with YOUR help!

We are looking for Y Giving Day Ambassadors to volunteer to share the Y Giving Day Campaign with their friends and family, and to spread awareness of our Y projects within the community.

We are also looking for individuals and companies to provide matching gifts on Y Giving Day. Matching gifts inspire more action, and will help us reach our goal! Sign up to match $250 or more!